Group Leader Development 12

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

General Hangout Guidelines — First Contact


Here are some things we want you to do in personal contacts prior to your group’s introductory meeting:

  • Introduce yourself as their iStudy leader and get acquainted. (This initial contact will most likely be on the telephone or email.)
  • Determine if member has skills to sign into or join G+ on his/her own. Coach as needed, then begin a G+ one-on-one hangout. Have a conversation thoroughly discussing the G+ hangout process. After the member is comfortable on the G+ hangout, then go to next bullet.
  • Instruct new members on how to do their lessons.
  • Encourage them to do the lesson daily to experience greater value from their study.
  • Make clear the day and time of the first group hangout.
  • Create the expectation that the Bible is exciting and is personally relevant – we are excited too.

Again, we have to stress: do these things before everyone hangs out together. We want all out folks to feel welcome and as comfortable as possible when they come together.

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