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iStudyEBS is a non-profit organization with all expenses paid from the donations of our members, friends and supporters. We need your help particularly to maintain and improve effective online outreach to seekers of God’s truth worldwide.

Our vision is to provide the opportunity for people everywhere to explore, mature and lead others in God’s truth through in-depth, interactive, internet based Bible study.

Digital efficiency multiplies blessings from your donation

Operation costs are fixed with all digital media including teaching video production, web hosting, graphic design, course creation, zoom video meeting platform and worldwide outreach

Our operating cost changes very little whether we have 100, 1000 or a million iStudiers!
Volunteer leadership work for the love of God and others, not money
Social media outreach nearing critical mass of momentum at only $1000/mo
Your greatest impact is supporting our effective social media outreach

Your tax deductible donation of any amount will bless many and is just a few clicks away with any credit or debit card or PayPal.

Note: All donations are processed under our legal name, Explorer’s Bible Study Association.
iStudyEBS accepts gifts for designated projects as directed by the donor. However, in accordance with IRS regulations, all gifts are given to and must be treated as belonging to Explorer’s Bible Study and are subject to its control and discretion. When you itemize your deductions your gifts to Explorer’s are tax deductible.

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