Online Bible Study for Homeschool Moms

Your Most Lasting Lesson

Did you know that the single most important lesson in your homeschool is your own personal Bible study? The greatest benefit will be good fruit and spiritual growth in your life. And your children will see your authentic faith being lived out and the good example you are setting for them.

Going to a weekly Bible study can be nearly impossible with school and co-op schedules. But iStudy, with its unique at-home, online groups, brings the Bible study to you. You can pick a group that works with your homeschool schedule. There are even co-ed groups that you and your husband can do together.

The time commitment for iStudy is a worthwhile investment. Each group meets weekly for one hour. Later you watch a 30-minute video lecture on YouTube. And then you spend 15-30 minutes daily on the lessons.

Your daily time in Bible study will lead your children by example. In some iStudy courses EBS offers a corresponding course for students and/or children so you and your children can study together.

To get started in iStudy today, click here.