Men’s Online Bible Study



You’ve known the value of Bible study ever since you became a Christian. But careers, commitments, or caring for your family made joining an organized Bible study impossible. Welcome to iStudy, the possible Bible study.

We have several groups for you to choose from, on varied days and at different times.

You sit in front of your computer or portable device and join your group online. You see the guys in your group, and they see you, as you interact in real time. During the one-hour class you will get to know men from faraway places or maybe even next door. You can sign up for either a group that is men only or one that is coed. You can invite your friends to join your group, too.

iStudy groups include men from all walks of life: men with careers, men who travel extensively, men between jobs, men who are housebound, young men, retired men, tech-loving men. Pretty much all kinds of men.

iStudy is designed for busy people. A small investment of 15 to 30 minutes daily in the Word will order your day and bring peace to your pace… a great benefit in the chaos of our times. Then, once a week, you’ll get together with your group online to share what God has taught you in the passage. Later, at a convenient time, you can watch or listen to the 30-minute teaching on the passage via video or MP3 audio. This disciplined, daily time in the Word will bring a steady flow of God’s guidance and wisdom, which will give you peace— His peace, even through life’s struggles. At the same time, you are being equipped to impact your world right now, for future generations, and for eternity.

To get started in iStudy today, click here.