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Mike Harding

Explorer’s Bible Study – Executive Director

iStudy – Scholar in Residence and Teaching Director

Mike has a Masters of Theology with a focus on the New Testament from Michigan Theological Seminary. He also received his under-graduate degree by attending Grace College, the University of Wisconsin and Spring Arbor University where he graduated with a double major in History and Education. He received Magna Cum Laude honors with each degree.

Mike leads Explorer’s Bible Study (EBS) as Executive Director. EBS is the parent organization of iStudy and provides in-depth Bible Study to communities and churches globally.

Mike is continually studying the Scriptures and discoursing with academics and scholars regarding his two main areas of interest: The Second Temple Period of Judaism and the Semitic Background of the Old Testament. Mike is on a journey to discover the background of when the whole Bible was written.

Mike has served as Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Associate Pastor and Interim Pastor of churches over the last 20 years. He has taught at colleges, pastor conferences, retreats and churches around the world.

Mike introduced Explorers Bible Study to the church he was pastoring in 2001 and has been involved with promoting the study to pastors, churches and God’s people.

Mike also has a background in business. He has founded, run and sold several successful businesses in the manufacturing and recycling industries. He is known for his relational style and entrepreneurial spirit.

Alison Carothers

Alison Carothers

Alison Carothers graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Physics from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and a Bachelors of Engineering from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. After completing her undergraduate studies, Alison earned a Masters in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College.

Upon completion of her academic work, Alison moved to Michigan and began working at Ford Motor Company. Alison worked at Ford for approximately 10 years in a variety of positions. The majority of her time was spent as an engineer in Vehicle Crash Safety and later in Government Safety Regulations.

With the birth of her and her husband Kris’s first child, Alison left Ford Motor Company to be a full-time mother and wife. They have two elementary aged children who they homeschool.

Alison met Christ through godly friends that she made her freshman year at Bowdoin College and surrendered her life to Him that summer. Alison considers herself blessed to have been the recipient of the love and spiritual growth invested in her through her active participation in numerous college ministries as she pursued her academic studies.

However, it was not until Alison moved to Michigan that she learned how to personally study the bible in depth and grow through the revelation of God through His Word and how it applies daily to her life. In Michigan, Alison served on the leadership team of the Young Adult class of Bible Study Fellowship, personally learning how to go deeper in her own personal study of God’s Word as well as how to facilitate meaningful group discussions around the study of His Word. After marrying Kris, Alison began serving in Bible Study Fellowship Evening Woman’s class where she served as a Substitute Teaching Leader and received training in lecture delivery as well as further study methods in God’s Word.

When her children were old enough to participate in the Bible Study Fellowship preschool program, Alison moved her participation to a class near their home in Plymouth, MI. It was shortly after this time that Alison began serving as a Teaching Leader for iStudyEBS Division of Explorer’s Bible Study. Alison is passionate about her love of the Word of God.

Micki Harding

Micki Harding

Micki Harding is a Cum Laude graduate of Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan with a BA in Communication Arts.

She worked as an admin before opening a small commercial advertising business. After surrendering her life to Jesus Christ at the age of 35, Micki learned personal quiet time skills in a discipleship program in her church. This ignited a passionate prayer to more fully understand the Bible and God’s will for her life. Her answer came during a business flight when her seat mate began working on her Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) lesson. Micki joined the first BSF class in the Detroit area where she learned how to dig out the facts and meaning of God’s Word and principles to apply to her daily life. God grew her passion for Him and to help others know intimately the God of the Bible.

Within a few years she was trained as a group discussion leader. Just months later she helped establish a BSF Women’s Day class in her city, serving as Substitute Teaching Leader. Then, along with her husband, she was called by God to establish and co-teach a BSF Young Adult Class which grew to over 300 members within 8 years.

Micki and her husband were then called by God to pioneer in-depth Bible study in the Eastern Caribbean with Community Bible Study International (CBSI). Over the next 11 years God faithfully opened doors to 10 island nations where CBSI was introduced. She and her husband trained teachers and leaders to form over 30 classes from the Virgin Islands in the north to Trinidad on the shore of South America. The CBSI leadership of these island nations came together with the guidance of the Hardings to form CBSI Caribbean Inc, an indigenous ministry to nurture and grow CBSI classes in the region. During this time the Hardings wrote a book, Anchored, recounting God’s faithfulness in establishing CBSI in the Caribbean. At the same time Micki was involved in piloting the online Bible study that became iStudyEBS. She has been a teacher with iStudy since its inception.

Micki is married to Chuck Harding, Director of iStudyEBS, and lives in Michigan in the summer and aboard their sailboat in the Caribbean in the winter.

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