Young Adults




The early adult years are a season of transitions. A time when you will be making major life decisions. Whether you are finishing your education, starting your vocation, beginning your family, or in some other state of transition, you need to be firmly anchored on the only solid rock that will guide you through them… your relationship with Christ in the Word of God.

Through all your life changes, the number one most helpful tool to keep you grounded in God’s word is group Bible studies. iStudy is the perfect choice when everything is changing around you.

You sit in front of your computer or portable device and join your online group. You see everyone and they see you as you interact in real time. During the one-hour study you will get to know people from faraway places or maybe even next door. You can invite others that you know to join you in your group.

iStudy is designed for busy people. A small investment of 15 to 30 minutes daily in the Word will order your day and bring peace to your pace… a great benefit in the chaos of our times. Then, once a week, you’ll get together with your group online to share what God has taught you in the passage. Later, at a convenient time, you can watch or listen to the 30-minute teaching on the passage via video or MP3 audio. This disciplined, daily time in the Word will bring a steady flow of God’s guidance and wisdom, which will give you peace— His peace, even through life’s changes. At the same time, you will be gaining the wisdom and understanding that only comes from time with the Lord.

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