Participation Policy

iStudyEBS Participation Policy

In order to keep the focus of our study on what the Bible says and our goal of growing in faith and in our walk with God—we ask that all iStudy participants agree to the following guidelines.


We Love and Respect God

We honor the Lord Jesus Christ by welcoming all who are interested to join our study.. We treat non-Christian members and all members of the group with the love and acceptance that bears convincing witness to the Gospel.


We Love and Respect Others

Our goal is to create an environment conducive to the spiritual growth of all as we grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore our words and actions are to promote the dignity of every other iStudyEBS member. We encourage appropriate expression of personal opinions, but, out of Christian love, refrain from cultural insensitivity, personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination. Because we love and respect others, we protect their dignity. iStudyEBS will not condone actions or threats which could physically, mentally, or spiritually hurt others. Such negative behavior may result in your being asked to leave the group.



What is said in the group in confidence should stay within the group. Do not record or otherwise reproduce your online group discussion for personal use, advertising or promotion. iStudy online group discussions are to be led only by approved iStudyEBS Group Leaders. The iStudy group is for sharing what you are learning from God’s Word and how it is impacting your lives. Any prayer requests or things of a personal nature shared in the online group discussions are to be kept confidential and not disclosed to others, either purposefully or inadvertently. Misuse of confidential information shared in your online group discussion is a violation of this agreement and may result in your being asked to leave the group.

This confidentiality rule is not at all intended to discourage you from using the Bible knowledge you obtain from your study and from the group insights in other contexts. Indeed, we hope that you are teaching the Bible to others in your church or other settings so that you are both a disciple and a disciple maker.

Contact information obtained through membership in the group will not be sold, rented, swapped or given to anyone outside the iStudyebs organization and will be used only for iStudy related communication. Individuals may not use or disseminate contact information received through the group without the written permission of the related person.



Please do not post or reproduce content or take any action that violates the law or infringes on the intellectual property rights of iStudyEBS Division of Explorer’s Bible Study Association or any other third party as part of your participation in iStudyEBS. Do not use the iStudyEBS logo in any platform that has not been reviewed or approved by the iStudyEBS Director.


Use of the internet can be a very effective and powerful communication tool. Please use good judgment, patience in listening to what others are communicating as well as in making yourself understood.


It is our intent to protect participants. This policy can be modified as needed by the Director.