Many wonder what we are learning and doing on our bible studies.  So I’ll share a little about what I have learned this week.

During our study in the book of Philemon we were asked:  What can we learn from the way Paul handled this delicate matter?   (look up Philemon 1:8-14 to understand the delicate matter).

I learned that Paul took responsibility of the wrong for another.   I learned that sometimes we may want something that belongs to another but it is not right to command or demand from one another.  Like Paul who had to let go of his right to command or demand, instead he clearly communicated what he hoped to gain in his work for Christ buy using what belonged to another.

I pray to clearly communicate my needs with others.  I think through communication and love we can accomplish a lot together for Christ.  That we can grow in our own hearts desires and learn how God can use us for his work!


Thank you for letting me share what I’ve learned.

Terrie Mathison