Recently, I attended a prayer meeting and the subject was sex trafficking and prostitution in Tijuana, Mexico. It was a powerful morning of crying out and interceding to God for the prostitutes on the streets that they would know God and experience His love. However, the speaker of that morning’s meeting brought a challenge to us as a congregation. He asked us to spend the rest of the time interceding and praying for the oppressors and supporters of this industry.

I believe this is the very heart of God: that all would know Him, be saved, and have a relationship with Him. No matter your background, race, language, or your sin; God wants all of His children to know Him, to come and enter into a relationship with Him, and be saved. This is the heart that Jesus had for the Samaritan woman. She was an outcast and a reject in the eyes of the Jews, but Jesus went out of his way so that she could be saved. We need to adopt that same heart for all people.

Who in your life do you need to share that love with? The atheist at your work place? The homeless man outside your apartment? Or maybe God is calling you beyond that to another people or city that is an outcast and a reject in the eyes of the world.

Whoever or wherever it may be, what is important is adopting that same heart of Jesus. To go out of our way to share with people, so that they may know the unconditional love of God.
So who matters the most to God? Everyone. Every person matters equally to God. No one person or group of people are more important. He has an unconditional and extremely personal love for each and every person on the face of this earth.