All humans desperately crave it and even need it to survive. And what is it?


The reason we get up in the morning. The thing that keeps us running. It is our reason to live and to be. We all have one.

For some it may be a career we have dreamed about since we were young, or to be married & have children, or to have the most exciting and fun life. We all have one thing or a few things that control and drive our lives.

Many christians would say that Christ is their purpose. But that would mean every step we take, every breath we breathe would be motivated and caused by an urge to pursue after the heart of God.

But for many of us, this is not our reality. We love the Lord, but we have many things that drive our lives, and often times it takes a higher urgency than God. We would rather sleep a little extra than to have devotions. We would rather stay comfortable than to take a risk and reach out to an unbeliever that is hurting.

A healthy practice may be to regularly look at the decisions we make and trace what driving factor led us to choose that decision. Ask the Lord to reveal what we find our purpose in. Is it the Lord? Is it our own health? Or the health of our family? What drives our lives? What is our purpose?

Lets observe our hearts and see what is exposed!