What is the point of the gospels? Are they just a story book of Jesus’ life? A nice little story? Or are they something much more?

I believe that the point of the gospels is so that we will believe in who Jesus is and through that belief we will gain a radically different and transformed life. These books are written for other reasons as well, but primarily they are recorded so that we, as believers, would read the life of Jesus and believe in Him and who He says He is and everything that He says He will do and can do.

As soon as we believe and accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives a radical occurrence happens: we become children of God. We are moved from a life of spiritual darkness into a life of spiritual lightness. Our lives change once we accept the truth of who Jesus is.

The real question is though, how much of that truth will you let touch and change your life and actions. If these books really are God-breathed and transformative then, what change is being made in your life because of it? Do you study it? Are you living by it? Are you sharing it with others? These questions are challenging and hard to actually live out all the time (trust me, I know!) but if we believe in the Bible like we say we do it requires action. The Gospels are meant to bring about a renewal and transformation into our souls and minds. It is meant to be studied, meditated on, and shared.

But you do not have to do it alone; iStudyEBS has weekly studies on the Bible and particularly one of the gospels, John! It is a great study and perfect for anyone looking to understand more about the life altering books that are in the Bible. You can get signed up anytime at iStudyEBS.org/getstarted . We hope that you will join us as we study, discuss, and learn more about the Bible.


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