what are you full ofYou’ll hear us Christians sing in church, “Lord, you are enough for me!”, but do we really mean that? That He is 100 percent enough for us? Do we really believe that we need nothing else? No other guide, no other love, no other means of satisfaction? It’s a challenging thought, but an incredible revelation.

Anything you need in life is found in Christ. You may be thinking, “Well, yeah Jesus is enough for the spiritual side of me. But you have to be practical; Jesus can’t help/doesn’t care about my love life, my business, my free time, my petty struggles. He only cares about spiritual things.” But that type of thinking is so far from the truth!

In every circumstance. At home. At work. At school. Whatever situation you find yourself in you can depend on Christ and He will be enough. Any wisdom you need or advice to live correctly is found in Scripture. Whether it is how you should treat your outrageous in-laws, the type of person you should marry, or what to do about a complicated situation at work; the Word of God can direct and advise you on how to respond to each circumstance.

Obviously the Bible is not going to address your situation to a T, as far as names and places go, but it is flooded with universal and fundamental truths and guidelines that will point you in the right direction. For instance, the question may come up, “Is it okay for you, as a Christian, to drink alcohol at 21?” Well, the Bible talks about this and says that we should not defile or betray our consciences (Romans 14); and if you feel guilty or are convicted to not drink then do not drink so as not to defile your conscience, and if you are not convicted about it then to that person it is not sin.

Any need you have whether it be a need for wisdom, knowledge, love, satisfaction, or comfort know that the Lord is capable to fulfill that need in you because He is sufficient and He is all we will ever need. Strive to be people that are filled with God and that truly believe that He is 100 percent enough for us in every area of our lives!

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