Using Google+ and Hangouts for iStudyEBS – Part 07

Using Google Hangouts on an iPhone/iPad device

If you have an iPhone, iPad or any iOS device, you can join the Google+ Hangout.

NOTE: When using Hangouts on your iOS device, you don’t necessarily need to install Google+ and just install Google Hangouts. In short, for mobile device, Google+ and Google Hangouts are two different services, Google+ as Google’s social network and Google Hangouts as their chat, voice and video service. It also means that even after installing Google+ app, you still have to install Google Hangout app if you need to use it. However, not having Google+ app will not allow you to manage your Circles and contacts. But you can always use your PC for this.

Installing Google Hangouts App

Since it’s Google Hangouts that we will be using most of the time, we’ll first start installing this one.

Start up your device and open the App Store. On the search box, type in Hangouts and click on the result. Make sure you will select and install the app Hangouts from Google Inc.





After installation, run the app. Click on “Get Started” on the welcome screen. Then enter your login information.





It will then ask you if you want to allow push notifications. If you allow this, you will receive live notification on your device whenever someone invites you to a voice or voice call or chat. If opted to not allow push notifications, you need to have the app running to know if anyone is contacting you.



If you haven’t, you will be asked to enter a photo. You can skip this by clicking the arrow button on the upper right corner of the screen.



You will then see the Hangouts app. It will list any current activities you have. If you are invited on a hangout, there will be a green camera icon on the right side of the name/contact. Tap it so you can join.



After this, you will see the Hangout video screen. There are a few controls that you can use while you are on this screen. If this control are not appearing on your screen, tap on the screen once and the controls will show up.


The center of the screen will show the video of the person who is speaking.

At the bottom will show the icons of the other participants on the hangout.

Starting from the left:

Video mute button – you can turn off or on your video using this button.

Camera select button – tap this so you can select either the front camera or the back camera of your device.

Mic mute button – tap this so you can mute or un-mute your microphone.

End call button – tap this to leave the hangout.

NOTE: When using small devices like iPad or iPhone, the microphone is very close to the speaker. There is a high possibility of echo and it will be distracting to the group. It is highly recommended that you use an earphone to avoid this.