Using Google+ and Hangouts for iStudyEBS – Part 06

As a group leader, one of your responsibility is to start the Hangout. Google+ and Hangouts had changed a lot since it was released and there will be more updates and changes soon. We will try to keep this guide up to date. For feedback, please email

Starting a Hangout

Currently, there are two ways to start a Hangout.


There used to be a Hangout icon on the new status box, but it’s not there anymore.

You can click “New Hangout” on the top of the sidebar or “Start a party” at the bottom.

If you click on “New Hangout” a list will appear where you can “check” those you want to invite on the hangout.



Once you’ve selected those you want to invite, you can click on the green camera icon to start the hangout.




If you click on “start a party”, a pop up window will open up. On the first box you can enter any notes for the invitation. On the second box, you will select who you want to invite for the hangout.


Click share once you’ve entered the names or circles that you want to join the hangout.



During the hangout, you can also invite (or re-invite) people using the invite button on the left menu.




Sometimes, the invite notification doesn’t reach the person you invited. To make sure they will know that the hangout is open, start the hangout (via the New hangout or start a party), once the hangout window is active, send them another invite using the invite button, and finally, copy the link of the hangout and email it to your group members.