Using Google+ and Hangouts for iStudyEBS – Part 04

Watching the teaching video on the Hangout

Part of the iStudy process is watching a teaching video after each lesson. It is recommended that this is watched together in a Hangout, but for convenience, we will provide a link where you can download an audio file or a video file or the youtube link for the teaching so you can watch and review it anytime.

For this guide, we’ll look on how we can watch the teaching in a Hangout session.

On the left side of your Hangout screen, there are a series of buttons. Each buttons has a task. We’ll focus on the red button with a “Play” icon.

hangout-sidebar-collapse hangout-sidebar-buttons

If this is the first time you’ll use the Youtube app button, you will be asked to accept some settings for the app to work. Click on Accept button.


You will then be directed to the Youtube in Hangouts screen. Read the notes and click on “OK”.



After this point, all you have to do is wait for your group leader to enter in the video and play it.



Some important reminders for the Youtube in Hangouts.

  • You have to go to the Youtube Hangouts app in order to watch the video. It won’t automatically open up.
  • This will only work if you are on a computer (Mac or PC). If you are on a mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android or any smartphone or tablet, you won’t be able to watch the video on the Hangout. However, your group leader will give you the link to the Youtube video (and downloadable video and audio files) so you can watch it on your own time.
  • The controls on the video applies to everyone watching it. This means that if you pause the video, the video on all those who are in the hangout will also pause. Same when you move the slider to move the video to a different time. So avoid pausing, or skipping the video once it is played.
  • You will automatically be muted once the video starts playing, You can click on Push to Talk if you want to speak. But we would suggest using the chatbox to communicate with the group.