Using Google+ and Hangouts for iStudyEBS – Part 02

Joining a Hangout

Here at iStudy, we use Google+ Hangouts to hold an online discussion group. Hangouts allow up to 10 computers with webcam and mic to connect to each other on a video and audio conference.

It’s usually the group leader who will create the hangout and invite you in. So make sure you’ve added your group leader on your circle for you to receive a Hangout invite.

Don’t forget to login first at


To make sure you won’t miss a hangout, login to Google+ at least 10 – 5 minutes before your schedule Bible study.

There are at least five ways you will be notified (and ways to join a hangout) when you are invited in a hangout, the G+ stream, chat, hangouts sidebar, notification bell and email. Emails are sent by your group leader and contains a link to the hangout.


1) Click “Join Hangout” and a new window will open for the hangout.
2) Click “Answer” to join the hangout.
3) Click the green camera icon to join the hangout.



Click the notification bell and click on the hangout invite notification. It will open a new window for the hangout.



Click on the link your group leader sent you via email to open up a window that will used for the hangout.

First time to hangout

If this will be your first time to use hangout, or more specifically, it’s the first Hangout will be used on your computer, Google will require you to install the Google Hangouts plugin which will allow you to use the Google Hangouts system. So for your first session, it is highly suggested you access hangout 15 minutes before your session so you are sure everything is installed and ready.

If it’s not installed on your system yet, you will receive a message asking you to install it. Click “Install Plugin” to have it installed.



It will download and install the plugin. It should not ask for any other info and will just show a confirmation that it is installed. click “Close” on that dialogue box.



The Hangout screen

Before you actually join a hangout, you have to click “Join” on the hangout window. You should be able to see your video (from your webcam) under the big gray box. There are also a few controls on the upper right corner of the window (which we will discuss in the next guide).



After a few seconds, you will be joined to the hangout. Note that on the big picture, you will the video of the one who is speaking, at the bottom, you will see all of the participants’ (including yours) video.


Click here to get to know some of the important controls and buttons that you will use while on a hangout.