Do you trust in Jesus to do the impossible? Right now in my life there are a number of things that feel impossible – the sale of my home, a new part-time job, a new church, friends for my children – just to name a few.

Micki Harding teaches that we can trust Jesus with the impossible:

What the father of the demon possessed child says to Jesus resonates with my heart:

“Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’” Mark 9:24 (NRSV)

So often these days, I find myself in the same place as the father.  Tired of the situation, asking for a miracle, and hoping and praying God hears me.   I know I believe, but what I “feel” is unbelief.  I need to ask Jesus to help me stay focused on Him.  Focused on what He has done and what He says he will do.  He never changes; just our circumstances change.  Or we change.

Remembering His faithfulness is what keeps me going each day.  I know what He has done on my behalf because of His great love for me.   To move confidently forward, sometimes it takes looking back and recalling the past.

“Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.” Psalms 35:6 (NRS)

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