I’ve always wanted to play the piano. I think it makes such beautiful music.  I’ve encouraged my boys to learn to play and they are doing so well.  It is such a blessing to hear music from an instrument and let it touch your heart and soul.


Listen to this beautiful story that was shared with me.  I hope this touches you this Christmas season.


After hearing this video for the first time, I had to pause and listen again. I then found myself listening again!  I turned to the keyboard my boys have and made those 8 notes play the beautiful message of The Good News.

Our prayer for you this season is that you know The Good News.  That you are filled with Joy this Christmas season.   I am so blessed that the Good News I’ve always searched for can be found in these simple 8 notes.   The joy of my salvation is the center of my life.  May it be yours too!

Merry Christmas!