As we are about to kick off our new iStudy of the Book of Acts, I love the way Mike Harding introduces the book to us. I especially like the way he focuses on the title of the book. In the book of Acts, we get to see how the early church began to live out the teachings of Christ as revealed in the gospels. We get a good snapshot of why God left us here after saving us. It helps us to understand our purpose in living out the Mission of Christ. We also learn what would be “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” is now “MISSION POSSIBLE” through the power of the Holy Spirit. What is taught by Christ in the gospels, practiced by the Church in Acts, will be further amplified in the epistles, so you won’t want to miss this great study. One day, God will call his church home; and, as we learn how to participate in Christ’s mission, what became MISSION POSSIBLE, will then be MISSION ACCOMPLISHED through our obedience to Christ. Please consider signing up for the class if you have not yet done so.

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