Throughout my career I have been on the road about 50% of the time. It is the nature of the modern economy. To understand your customers and adequately assess their needs, you have to go see them. This has been my path…the path well trodden!

As the travels go up, the time you have back home to spend with family, friends, faith and football can really get compressed. Most troubling to me, was the fact that I could not stay involved in a local bible study, as my schedule was just too random. To make matters worse, I moved to the Middle East and now had no access to men’s bible studies. We all know that men are incapable of sticking to anything without accountability. Accountability happens when you meet regularly with a group of guys and know they are relying on you to show up each week ready to discuss.

Worker on Phone

I am glad to say that my ability to be connected with other men looking to study the truth of God in a structured study has been made possible through iStudy. iStudy is an online bible study that literally allows you to be “on time” and “in person” via a live group chat as long as you have a computer, or other device and an internet connection.

As a discussion group leader, I have been able to maintain my busy travel schedule and rarely miss a tuesday night with my group. I have had the privilege to lead the group from Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and even one trip back to the USA over the past few years.

When I am in town, I can start the group later in evening, after the kids go to bed which means it doesn’t take away from family time. I also know that when I am studying the bible, my day is better and my work is easier.

If you are like me and just need to eliminate excuses and build in some accountability I would urge you to check out

No longer is “I’ll be on the road next week” an excuse for not making it happen.

iStudy…to learn, love and live out the truth!