Think about it.

Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus. Moses represented the law, the Torah of God, that guided every believer into an active and loving relationship with God. Elijah stood for all the prophets who brought people back to the covenant when they had strayed from God’s law. Thus the two greatest religious leaders of the Old Testament and the three major apostles of the New Testament witnessed this special revelation of Jesus Christ. These five witnesses are the trumpets of the two testaments resounding in harmony their music about one eternal Word of God. Ancient prophecy and Gospel teaching sing with one voice the praise of Christ. The stained glass windows of Chartres cathedral catch this sense of biblical unity when they depict the apostles sitting on the shoulders of the prophets. Christ in glory is their colorful focus.

~ Alfred McBride, To Love and Be Loved by Jesus, p. 84

Above is just a small sample of what is found in the iStudy’s lessons. We are currently studying the book of Mark.

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