Next Generation Bible Study

Imagine a Bible study done completely at home; or wherever you are. All you need is a Bible, a computer or device, internet access and a webcam.

Get real

Participants get real with a group of friends, digging deep for unchanging truth.

Get straight answers

Gain insights: from your own study, group discussion, and a video from an experienced teacher who values truth.

How does iStudy work?

By using the following four steps, Truth is retained.

Sample LessonStudy

Participants read the Bible and answer the iStudy questions daily at their convenience.



Online DiscussionDiscuss

Groups meet online using to discuss their responses with the help of a trained facilitator.




Teaching videos are watched together during the meeting.



Sample Study NotesRead

Review notes are provided to wrap-up the week’s lesson.




What does it cost?

  1. One US dollar per week. (Scholarships are available.)
  2. 20 minutes a day for personal study.
  3. 90 minutes once a week for group discussion.

How do I join?

Click Get Started. Choose a group day and time that works, fill out the information and click done – it’s that easy!

Get Started

Prepare to experience a life changed by truth