By Pam Sullivan

Pam Sullivan

As a homeschooling mom who also experienced daily health challenges, I often found myself feeling lonely and far from God. Although I attended church every week, I found it difficult to attend a weekly Bible study due to the hectic homeschooling schedule with four children. My physical limitations put further restrictions on my time and ability to connect with others. But my Savior heard my plea for help and directed me to iStudy, an online Bible study.

In the five years that I have been a part of iStudy, I have developed close friendships with other faithful Christians around the world, grown in my love for others around me, and have a peace and stillness through Christ that I never would have believed possible. My children have been able to witness my growth as I have become diligent in my daily Bible time as well as my ability to pray with them and discuss both spiritual and worldly issues in a loving and consistent manner. My children are now teenagers and I truly believe that my time in iStudy has had a direct impact on their walk with God. Three of my children have been on mission trips throughout the world multiple times, and this I believe is a direct result of my obedience in my own Bible study and relationship with God. My other child experiences multiple medical challenges daily, yet has a deep faith and hope in her Savior.

iStudy gave me hope, friendship, love, and most of all the truth of God’s word. Through iStudy and God’s gracious love, God is transforming myself and family. I am so grateful for iStudy and I am very excited to meet with others to share the blessing of this unique Bible study opportunity!

iStudy of Mark starts soon!

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