6 week iStudy of The Letter of 1 Peter

Starting the week of March 23 running through the week of May 4

As we study God’s Word, we realize it becomes alive and active in our lives. This study is an investment that brings blessings and spiritual growth”. As the apostle Peter encourages in 1Peter 1:2 “may grace and peace be multiplied to you.”

Going deeper in God’s Word with iStudy requires a WEEKLY 2-3 hour investment that includes personal Bible reading in order to answer study questions, then discussing the questions with your online video group, then individually watching/listening to the video teaching, and finally reading or listening to the lesson wrap-up notes.

Join us in iStudy as we explore, learn and apply what the Apostle Peter wrote in his first epistle.

The apostle Peter was one of the twelve disciples Jesus appointed and taught during his time on earth. Peter spent the final years of his life and ministry as a leader of the church in Rome. When he learned that churches in other Roman provinces, basically in modern Turkey, were experiencing persecution, he wrote to urge them to remain faithful to Jesus.

Peter explains that the pressure against them will increase and they will have to endure suffering being associated with Christ. Not only will they have to live well among the heathen, they will suffer for doing what is right. Peter gave these Christians repeated warnings to be on guard against giving up hope. The same hope we should not give up on today.  He encouraged them and us to endure without shame for Christ Himself is perfecting and establishing us for His glory.

Register now for an unforgettable six weeks of encouragement and hope. Peter’s letter helped the early believers in the midst of severe persecution and it will help you grow and stay strong in your walk with Jesus.