Group Leader Development 22

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

How to Lead a Group Hangout – Keep the Discussion Moving

When it comes to this area, you don’t have to pretend you’re in Rawhide (“keep them doggies moving”), but you do want to respect the time that your participants have sacrificed to be part of the group.

Again, be sensitive and supportive, but sticking with these rules will help you build trust with the others.

There are several items here, but try not to get bogged down as you read through them.


  • Start promptly.

    1. Don’t wait for latecomers.
    2. If someone is having a problem connecting, have your Assistant Group Leader attempt to help them.
    3. If someone cannot connect, have them invited on their cell phone.
  • Beware of time lags

    1. in reading questions (highlight the key words and verbally shorten questions, if possible);
    2. in hesitation (go to next question which will encourage members to responds quicker);
    3. in allowing too much time for volunteering (go to next question);
    4. in asking for more responses after the correct answer has been given.
  • Don’t read headings or notes on question sheets.
  • There is no need to reread Scripture text.

    1. Members are expected to be familiar with the readings.
    2. Always conduct the discussion group on the positive assumption that the group has studied the lesson.
    3. Your consideration should be for those who have prepared.
  • The Group Leader should allow for volunteers before asking an individual to answer.

      The leader should not press an individual for an answer.

  • The Group Leader is responsible to end the discussion on time to allow for the teaching video.

      If the teaching video is not viewed in the hangout, the Group Leader should end with a brief prayer.
  • Prayer requests may be chatted at any point but should also be taken before or after the teaching video, depending on time.

      Otherwise requests should be emailed to the GL or the Assistant GL to be distributed.

Whew! That’s a lot, we know, and this is a list we’ll want to review regularly. Even experienced EBS iStudy have trouble remembering and applying all of it, not that we’re talking about ourselves or anything. 🙂

Take a moment and type one or two things on this list you believe you’ll be able to do well.


Now type an item or two, if any, that you may especially need God’s help with.


Once you’ve finished filling in the two boxes, click next.