Group Leader Development 15

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

Hangout Guidelines — Selective Discouragement

Discourage use of commentaries, references to an individual’s church, other ministers, books, or broadcast ministries, etc.

This goes back to what we said earlier: we want group members to realize that the Bible is written for everyone and can be understood. Those who seek can discover Bible truths on their own (Matthew 7:7).

Here’s another thing we need to mention — hopefully it’s not discouraging. 🙂

As with most studies, we want to keep accurate attendance records. A group administrator — which may be you or someone else, depending on what you work out — will quietly take note of who’s in attendance. The iStudy team will give you a way for reporting the results, most likely through a shared document online.

Swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. Two more hangout guidelines to cover — click next to head downstream.