Group Leader Development 03

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

You may get tired of hearing it, but shepherding is key for iStudy leaders, so much so that leader and shepherd will be used interchangeably. The principle of good shepherding undergirds the mission of iStudy.

Mentoring and discipling are two words that mean about the same thing as shepherding, at least for our purposes. At its simplest, shepherding is guiding others. Our model in iStudy is Jesus.

What actions did you come up with? Here are some from our director, Chuck Harding.

  • Keep the conversation going (regular contacts)
  • Send encouraging messages by various means
  • Strengthen them with scripture (from lesson)
  • Call by their name (respect)
  • Remember (care for) their needs (pray)
  • Use all technology at your disposal and comfort level (or maybe beyond it), including, but not limited to
    • cell phone calls
    • texts
    • emails
    • video calls or conferences

Finally and foremost, love your group memebers. God’s love will flow from the group leader to the member, and “they will know you are my disciples by your love” (John 13:35).

We’re always looking for fresh ways to enrich relationships, so we’ll take a look at the list you just made. Don’t be surprised if we discuss it in a leaders’ meeting.

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