We are excited to share that we are currently finalizing preparations for our Fall 2013 study – The Gospel of Mark!    The new study will start in September.  We expect to announce registration information through our newsletter.  At this time I encourage you to complete our Get Started sign up form to be added to the mailing list.


In our 15 week study of The Gospel of Mark you will enjoy powerful descriptions of the life and work of Jesus. Mark describes Jesus as the King who leaves heaven to serve humankind. A servant comes to serve and that is what Jesus does. He serves His Father accomplishing the work God sent Him to do. He serves us as the Savior who lays down His life that we might begin living. Mark shows Jesus as a powerful servant who just speaks and people are restored to health. He also shows us a teaching servant who gives us lessons on the nature of God, on prayer, on life, on leadership, and on servanthood.


Are you excited to study Mark?