How to determineDo you ever wonder what Gods specific will is for your life? Or have you ever wondered how you are supposed to determine both God’s general and specific will for you and for others? Keep on reading to find out what God has taught me about His Word and how it reveals His general and specific will for man-kind.

Many times I wondered, “How can I be effective for the kingdom of God?” or “What does God want me doing?” or “How can I best serve him?” In response to my questions, someone said, “Your ministry will come from your quiet time”.

This was very confusing at first, but after some time I understood what it meant. I learned that I can know how I should be living by reading God’s Word, discovering what pleases Him and what He desires from me, and then simply living it out.

The Bible outlines God’s general will for all man-kind. What He requires of us and what pleases Him. Questions like, “Should we get a divorce?”, “How should I treat someone who persecutes me?”, and “Is it okay to look at pornographic material?” are all answered through Scripture. Verse after verse is filled with practical lessons and instructions for daily life. Reading and studying the Bible will provide the answers for God’s general will for each and every person.

The better you and I know God’s general will, the easier it is to determine God’s specific will in particular situations. Therefore, to determine God’s specific will for your life you must familiarize and submerge yourself in the Word of God. From that familiarity with Jesus’ personality and character, we equip ourselves to recognize what His will is for us in all circumstances. When we spend quiet time with Him it will overflow into all areas of our life.