iStudyEBS is offering classes everywhere!

What does that mean for you?

It means that one of our classes is sure to meet your schedule.

How does iStudy work?

1.  This fall join us in studying “The Gospel of Mark” one lesson at a time, one section at a time. Each lesson is broken into 5 days of questions.  You study those questions for 15 – 30 minutes a day!  Giving God your time to study His Word!

2.  You then meet with your chosen class time, for an hour to discuss, in a group setting of up to 9 participants, on a Goolge+  Hangout party.  This is where you will share what you learned from your personal study time and hear what others learned.

3.  A teaching video is shared for you to watch in your group or at a personal time.  The 30 minute teaching will go deeper in the passage and teach you how to apply it personally to your life – TODAY!

4.  Additional study notes are also provided.  This reading is Day One of your next lesson.

In a short 15 weeks you will study “The Gospel of Mark.”  Your life will be changed!  You will be focusing on God!  You will come out of the study learning more about the servant Jesus Christ is.

We are sure to have a class time that will fit your needs!   We are sure to have a class time that will fit your needs!  You can also invite your friends!  Together you can join one of our groups and study God’s word together.

We offer studies for the early morning risers starting at 6:00 AM in some areas, to the late night owls offering a study at 10:00 PM.  Really there is a time that will fit your needs.

One of my favorite classes offered this semester is by our leader, Doug who is in Dubai.   His class is at 9:30 PM Arabian time, and is available for the US class members at 1:30 PM EST.  How fun would that be to study with a few people from another country.

If you know anyone who wants a Filipino language speaking class — we have that too!


Want to study in a co-ed class we have a class that’s co-ed too.


Or if you want an all men or all women class, well that is available too.   We have lots of those classes for your choosing.


We hope you can join us!  The study starts September 9th — GET STARTED TODAY!!