In Mike’s introduction teaching of Acts, we learn about the overall layout of the book of Acts. Mike used the acrostic A-C-T-S to explain what takes place during this action packed book of the Bible.

The letter from the acrostic of A-C-T-s that is significant to me is A. A is for Ambassadors. As followers of Christ, we need to be His ambassadors. But, me, an ambassador? I picture an ambassador dressed in a blue blazer with a gold crest on the lapel; white dress shirt and grey slacks. Very professional; ready to help and further the cause of their respective leaders.

So, if I am an ambassador for Christ, do I represent him well? Am I prepared to further the cause of my leader? Do I use my knowledge of my leader (Bible knowledge) to help others? Do I stand ready to reach out to others in His love?

As I ponder these ideas, I think about the Great Southern Blizzard of 2014, Leon. I think about the way people showed love and became Christ’s Ambassadors, possibly unknowingly, during this difficult time. The Chick-Fil-A workers who took food out to stranded motorists; teachers who quickly created “Snow camp” once they realized they and some of the students weren’t making it home that night; the countless Publix, Home Depot and CVS stores that stayed open and gave stranded people a place to shelter. Whether they knew it or not, these people, who opened their doors and hearts, were ambassadors for Love. And in turn, were ambassadors for God.

1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

God is Love. Think about that. By showing love to another, you are proving the existence of God, because God is love. To truly live out our faith, we must be motivated by His great love for others.

Could someone mistake you for an ambassador for Christ?

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