In this weeks iStudy video clip, Micki Harding encourages God’s people to share the “Good News” about Christ to others. She then reads this powerful poem called, “From My Friend.” Take a look at this moving poem that should stir the hearts of everyone who claims to be a Christ follower. This is the only way to be a true friend to those we care about.

As I think about this video clip, I am reminded of the following illustration.

A minister conversed with a man who professed conversion. “Have you united with the church?” he asked him. “No, the dying thief never united with the church and he went to heaven,” was the answer. “Have you talked to your neighbors about Christ?” “No, the dying thief never did.” “Have you given to missions?” “No, the dying thief did not.” “Well, my friend,” said the minister, “the difference between you two seems to be that he was a dying thief, and you are a living one.”—Otterbein Teacher.

If we are all going to be a follower of Christ, then we must learn to be passionate about what He was passionate about. Jesus left the disciples with a Great Commission. Each one of the gospels ends with a version of it as each writer shares the Good News about Christ from their perspective, yet under Divine inspiration too. Each one of these commission accounts gives believers a clear COMMAND and attached with that command is a specific PROMISE.

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus says, “Go…”, and He promises His PRESENCE.

In Mark 16:15-16 Jesus says, “preach the gospel to every creature”, and He promises His PROTECTION.

in Luke 24:47-49 Jesus tells the disciples to preach “repentance” so that sinners will turn from their sins and to Christ. As we go, Christ promises His POWER.

In John 20:21 Jesus said to the disciples, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” Just before this commission statement Jesus promised them His PEACE.

With these many promises, there are really no excuses for not sharing Christ with those we love. We cannot ever give away what we don’t already have, but if you do have Christ in your heart, then would you be willing to share Him with those you care about? Even the rich man in hell had an eternal perspective on life as he desired that Lazarus come back from the dead to preach to his five brothers so that they wouldn’t come to “this awful place of torment.”

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