I’ve struggled.  Yes I admit it.  I’ve struggled to be in God’s Word daily.  I used to have a quiet time. I used to read God’s Word almost daily.  I used to be active in a bible study.  I used to be growing in God’s Word.  UNTIL I became a mom and then especially as a homeschooling Mom.

I was busy. I have lesson plans to prepare.  Outlines to photocopy.  Activities to prepare for.


Prepping for activities not prepping my day with God

Books to organize.  A house to clean. Dinner to make and shop for.  Laundry to do.

Why wasn’t I putting God ahead of all that?  I thought those items were more important than growing in my walk with the Lord, or finding the time to.  I thought I could never find the time.  How do I manage child care?  I can’t do a bible study with my church during the day, my kids are with me all day.  An evening study was impossible too, my husband works and then sometimes long hours.  That was UNTIL I was introduced to the idea of studying God’s Word in a small group from home.

From home? How do I do that?   Start with a daily lesson for 10 -15 minutes.  I could find 10 -15 minutes. Then I get on my computer for 60 minutes once a week at home, at a time convenient for me.  I could find that time, since I don’t have to drive anywhere. It really is just an hour.  I can have my kids in bed before my bible study, let them watch a TV show or well let them go crazy for an hour.   I could do that.


Bible Study 15 minutes a day


I did do that.  I found that by being back in God’s Word I was more patient.  I found the time to still do all my tasks. I may have asked for some help on a few things from my family members.   I found I was growing again in God’s Word.  I was understanding His call for me.  That YES I am to be a homeschool mom but also how to be a better mom.  I was in prayer more.  Praying for God’s plan on my day and our homeschool.  Praying for Him to lead me through the day.   My small group was praying that I would be calmer in explaining those things that the kids don’t get the first time around (you know what I mean).  Praying for me to make the tough decisions in my homeschool curriculum and co-op choices.

I lived out those in answered prayer!  My day was calmer.  Most everything was getting done.  My kids and I were having more good than bad days schooling together.   We were learning about God’s Word together. I was more equipped to lead them in their bible and character studies, as I was being fed and listening to God.

We still have imperfect days, but not as many.  I found God was back in my life. In my school. In my walk. I was growing. The kids were growing in Christ.  All because I took a leap of faith.  Joined some crazy online small group bible study.

You can do it too. I promise you God will give you grace to do it.  He will honor your desire to explore His Word.    Please go to the iStudyEBS website.  There is a special page even set up for homeschoolers because iStudy understands your needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here. I’ll check back to respond.