But you said you would- (1)What do you do when it appears God isn’t keeping His Word? I clearly remember a period in my life when I lost trust in God regarding a situation. It appeared He wasn’t doing what He said. I didn’t know what to believe about Him anymore. I thought God always did what He said He would do! Why did it now seem like He wasn’t? And if so, what do we do?

I know a story that may help explain our response when we find ourselves thinking God isn’t doing what He said.

The story is found in Genesis 12, 15- 17, and 21. It is the account of Isaac, the promised child of Abram and Sarai. Briefly stated, God promises to Abram he would be the father of a great nation in chapter 12, but years later, Abram questions the Lord and says, “O God, what will you give me since I continue childless. You have given me no offspring.” God reassures Abram that he indeed would have a son to fulfill his call and the covenant. However, Abram and Sarai felt God wasn’t doing what He said so they make the situation work by having Abram sleep with Hagar to have a son (Ishmael). More years pass and God again promises a son, Isaac, to Abraham and Sarah. After 25 years of waiting the Lord fulfills what He said. After so much waiting, mistakes and blunders from Abraham and Sarah; Isaac is finally born.

So what should you do when it seems like God isn’t doing what He said? You just trust Him! I know it’s easier said than done. But by watching Him come through every time, God will strengthen your faith—and how rewarding! If He’s promised you something in His Word, you can absolutely trust Him.

Cling to His promise and not the reason why, or how, or when, but simply trust Him and obey what He says. One thing I know about the Lord is He is patient. And though often His timing is nothing like ours, He will come through!!

2 Cor. 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight”. If we could understand everything and know how, when, and where He will fulfill His plans or promises there would be no faith, would there? But that’s how the Lord wants us to live … by FAITH and not by SIGHT.

If this is what you are experiencing, it is both normal and a God given opportunity to exercise and grow your faith. Choose to trust Him no matter how it looks or how long it takes. Trust that ultimately God knows what He’s doing and doesn’t need us to take charge. TRUST HIM!

|| Lord, help us to trust you completely no matter what we are currently going through. We want to live by faith and not by sight. Guide us and steady us as we live this life with you. Show us how trustworthy you really are. Amen. ||