Think about it.

It’s easy to confuse a busy church with a fruitful one. In a busy church, the staff and key volunteers work long hours providing a cafeteria of programs for all age groups. Core church members may attend events at the church several times a week. Weekend services are exciting and well attended. All this activity may—or may not—be associated with a body of church members who, year by year, are growing more intimate with God, more responsive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, more loving toward one another and toward outsiders, more able to resist their habitual sins, more generous and compassionate toward the needy, more bold in proclaiming the gospel to the lost. This latter set of qualities is what the New Testament describes as fruitfulness, which is the real measure of a church’s success.

Mark: Gospel of the Servant King, David Garland and Karen Lee-Thorp, p. 89

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