Have you ever looked around at your pastors, your leaders, or mature Christians in your church and thought, “What do they have that I don’t?”

You both have salvation, go to the same church, believe and love the same God, and hear the same teaching. And yet, when you look at them they seem to be more confident in knowing who God is, they love Him on a level that you just can’t understand, and when they talk about God, people can just see the love and passion for Him in their eyes.

So what is it that distinguishes two Christians from each other? One Christian glances at God like a watch; while the other gazes at Him like a lover.

I want you to think about this past week and I want you ask yourself how much did you habitually gaze on God? Did you read his word and interact with Him and pray asking God for his direction for your day and for your problem? And then how often did you just launch into your day without praying, without seeking God, just glancing at Him.

Instead of deliberately making God the focal point of everything we do throughout our days, we often just forget about Him or will only think about Him if we set aside time to do so.

To gaze upon Him and His love and what He has done for us is how we can fall radically in love with Jesus. That is how we can access our full potential in our relationship with God. You and I, we have it all. We are completely full of the wisdom of Jesus, the peace, the power, the joy.

The question is how much are you and I accessing it on a daily basis and living it out?


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