Studying the Book of Acts makes the New Testament come alive, stoking our faith!

In Acts, we’ll see a few 1st Century Jesus followers become a movement expanding rapidly throughout the ancient world. We will be encouraged, motivated and empowered to live out God’s Truth like our fore-fathers and mothers as they followed our Lord and changed the world.

How did the gospel of Jesus spread so fast and have such great impact? That is seen in the various names this one book has had over the millennia: The Acts of the Apostles – detailing the great faith of the Apostle of Jesus, namely the faithful efforts of Peter and Paul; The Acts of the Holy Spirit – recalling how the Holy Spirit, God on earth, empowered the church to carry on its work in miraculous ways and The Acts of Jesus – it’s a mistake to think Jesus is unattached to the concerns of the earth as He ministers in Heaven. The Book of Acts shows the work of Jesus in the lives of His people long after His Resurrection. Through these titles we see the plan; God works through man to carry out His work on earth.

Some scholars recommend that followers of Jesus make a habit of studying Acts periodically. Not only is it a source of inspiration, it provides the back story of all the non-gospel books of the New Testament. Get ready to learn deeply, be inspired, and join this great move of God recorded in Acts.

Acts begins week of January 18.