iStudy of 1 John

“Into The Light”

Online interactive video groups begin the week of June 1 for 6 weekly lessons.

  • Come and meet John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (John 13:23). Now an old man, he followed Jesus from the beginning of His ministry and was an eye-witness to all Jesus said and did. John called on the believers of his day to return to a simple, intimate, moment-by-moment fellowship with Jesus just as he had experienced.
  • “If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.” –1 John 1:7.
  • The resurrected Jesus said “Peace be with you” to His fearful and fretting disciples to take their fears away. Many of us are still searching for that peace in our own lives. This short course will open up that peace like never before. You’ll zero in on what really matters: learning of Jesus, loving Him and living out the Truth– the life He has prepared for you.
  • Come along with us and meet Jesus through the eyes and words of one of His closest followers. And you will learn that if we are Children of God, each person we meet can become our brother or sister in Jesus Christ.
  • FREE! But not cheap! iStudy requires the most valuable thing you have, your time. Only you can decide whether the investment of 3 or 4 hours of your irreplaceable time is worth a closer relationship with God and the peace and purpose it brings. If you are willing to commit your time, the iStudy team is committed to help you grow closer to God thru Bible study.

Book of James

Online interactive video groups begin the week of June 1 for 6 weekly lessons.

  • 6 lesson iStudy of the letter of James, Jesus’ brother
  • Wise leader of Jerusalem church after Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • Focuses on working out faith for believers in Roman Empire and today
  • James remains as vital today as when God inspired his writing centuries ago.

Hebrews and 1 Peter

Jesus Is Better

Since the first century, disciples of Jesus when faced with trials of life have faced pressure to turn back to their old pattern of life and trust in lesser things for security and purpose. The writers of Hebrews and 1 Peter write that Jesus is supreme and above all things and worthy for us to place our faith and hope. He is better than Judaism; he is better than our old lives; he is above all alternatives; therefore, He alone is worthy of all our worship and allegiance. By being steadfast in our faith we join a whole host of God’s people who have discovered that in Jesus we have found “such a great salvation.” Join us for a 30 week in-depth study that will have you saying, “Jesus is better!”